Andersen opens new headquarters in Lisbon

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Andersen is today inaugurating its new headquarters in Lisbon, in the heart of the city’s business centre, now located in Building 38 on Rua Alexandre Herculano. This move is in line with the firm’s significant growth in Portugal and reinforces its commitment to expanding its team with a view to establishing itself as a leading law firm in the national market.

The office in the Portuguese capital occupies around 1,000 square metres of gross floor area, which is twice the size of Andersen’s previous headquarters in the Saldanha area. This new space includes 14 offices, four meeting rooms and two open spaces. Andersen, which began operating in Portugal in 2017, now has more than 50 employees – lawyers, consultants and assistants – spread across various practice areas, including Public Law, Tax, Labour, Real Estate, Commercial and Corporate and Litigation and Arbitration.

The new facilities accommodate spaces open to technology and innovation, whose flexibility provides for future additions to the team as part of the expansion process envisaged in the company’s Strategic Plan.

For Andersen’s Managing Partner in Portugal, José Mota Soares, the move to this new headquarters “reflects the firm’s ambition to provide a better service to its clients” and emphasises that “the commitment to Portugal is firm, as the results achieved prove. Since the integration of Lisbon into the Andersen Iberia structure in 2021, there has been a significant increase in the firm’s capacities, which has been reflected in unprecedented growth.”

According to Mota Soares, Andersen’s turnover doubled in the first year and “the expectation is that 2023 will end with an increase of 150 per cent compared to 2021”.

José Vicente Morote, Andersen’s Co-Managing Partner for the Iberian Peninsula, says that “this move signals the firm’s commitment to Lisbon and Portugal since the company began operating in the country in 2017”. “We are convinced that Portugal will make a decisive contribution to Andersen’s evolution and, to this end, we have moved offices in order to increase our capacity to respond to the needs of the team and the demands of our clients, guaranteeing them the highest quality service,” adds the co-managing partner.

“Since 2022, Andersen, in fulfilment of the objectives of the Strategic Plan, has been operating in Portugal fully integrated in a single company and in a true partnership. This integrated approach has enabled the service in both countries to be better prepared and more responsive to clients. The synergies bring clear advantages for our clients,” emphasises José Vicente Morote.

Morote also praises “the extraordinary Portuguese work culture and the smooth running of Andersen’s joint project in the Iberian Peninsula”, which he considers to be the result of the “cohesion and solidity” between the teams in the two countries, who “share the same business vision, the idea of growth and the development of good practices”.

Finally, Morote emphasises the positive evolution of Andersen in the Iberian Peninsula, namely with the tripling of results in the space of five years, having started the operation in 2017 with a budget of €13 million and 150 employees and ending 2022 with more than 400 employees and a turnover of more than €40 million. “Our goal is to reach €52 million this year, an objective to which the contribution of the office in Portugal will be decisive,” he concludes.

Andersen is the largest law firm in the world, with more than 400 offices in 174 countries. At European level, the firm has 71 offices in 40 countries and a strong presence in Spain in major capitals such as Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Seville and Malaga.