The Intellectual, Industrial and Consumer Property Department has a special focus on its clients’ intangible assets, providing advice that enables it to protect, acquire, dispose of or license the respective distinctive signs (such as trademarks and logos), patents, copyrights and related rights.

Currently, in a world where innovation is one of the main factors of growth and development, Intellectual Property plays a very important role in protecting business and artistic innovations.

Andersen has developed its activity in the field of intellectual property, namely in all matters related to copyright, image rights, entertainment, patents, trademarks, designs and models, e-commerce and advertising. Our experience in various sectors such as the media, information technology, e-commerce, pharmaceuticals, tourism and real estate, among others, enables us to provide a service that is suited to all our clients’ needs.

Andersen’s activity is focused on advising on the acquisition and maintenance of intellectual property rights, as well as on the enforcement and defence of such rights in cases of infringement. Throughout our history, we have drawn up licensing and cooperation agreements, advice related to the signing of contracts and the management of intellectual and industrial rights, without neglecting the practice of all registration acts related to trademarks, industrial designs, patent protection and copyrights.

Andersen represents the interests of its clients in legal proceedings related to intellectual property rights, and in terms of litigation, the Firm’s experience, particularly in patent litigation, should also be highlighted. This guarantees greater proximity with the reality of our clients’ businesses.

Head of Department: Hugo Tavares