An ever-changing sector that is constantly adapting and upgrading technologies, in order to thrive, businesses operating in the life sciences and pharmaceuticals sector require the support of an experienced life sciences law firm, such as Womble Bond Dickinson.

Able to guide you through the complex regulations surrounding the production and sale of pharmaceuticals and the development and patenting of new medical devices, our life sciences and pharmaceutical law firm can help your business navigate all legal matters in the multifaceted life sciences sector.

With the busy life sciences sector spanning an impressive number of specialisations, be assured that as a life sciences law firm, we have experience working alongside companies in the areas of pharmaceuticals, animal health, biodefense and more.

Our multidisciplinary team also serves clients as a biotechnology law firm and medical device law firm, and many of our professionals have gained first-hand experience at companies in the industry. This varied and in-depth industry experience has allowed us to become one of the best life sciences law firms, capable of taking our clients’ businesses to new heights.


The Department of Life Sciences has thereby developed a strong differentiation regarding, in particular:

  • Drug pricing;
  • Price-sharing by the State and the establishment of distribution circuits;
  • Personal databases, preparation of collection and consent documentation, authorisation or registration at the CNPD;
  • Circulation within the EU, import and export to third countries, regulations applicable to parallel import;
  • Commercial practices, namely discounts, promotions, events and on the regulation of the commercialisation of medicines in general, whether in the hospital or out-patient market;
  • Advertising of the medicine, including specific training (rules and procedures) for marketing teams;
  • Competition issues;
  • Manufacturing – GMP;
  • Clinical research – collaboration protocols with entities and researchers;
  • Commercial licensing;
  • Joint-ventures;
  • Public Tenders.

We are differentiated by our response capacity and multifaceted team that interacts in total harmony with the various departments of our clients’ companies, in the pursuit of achieving success:

  • Improved advice in the projects of its clients’ companies in the area, encompassing an international component;
  • A permanent compliance with the legal and deontological norms that regulate the sectors covered;
  • Ensure fast and effective protection in subsequent proceedings involving its clients’ companies, whether in court or arbitration.

We finally ensure, due to the specialization brought together in the department, an adequate and specialized response in the following areas

  • Civil and Criminal Liability of Doctors;
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Civil Liability
  • Health Establishments Civil Liability;
  • Civil Liability Insurance for damage caused in the exercise of medicine.


Head of Department: Hugo Tavares